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HCS is the leading provider of Workers' Compensation Insurance software. We have clients located all over the United States . Integration Magic has been a key consultant in the development of our products over the past five years. Their expertise in design and programming has been invaluable to our success.

Selma Hermiz, President
HCS Insurance Software Solution

Integration Magic, based in the California, is a software development and scalable technologies company that works with private business and government clients; leverages technology and proprietary processes to provide specialized full cycle software solutions, across a diverse range of markets, to clients worldwide.

We believe that our growth is directly linked to the success of our clients. Our mission is to not only continue to create, develop and deliver world class software solutions and solve complex organizational problems; but to ensure that in an exceedingly competitive and ever evolving IT environment, we continually expand our breadth of knowledge to ensure long term success for our business and our clients.

Business growth will be achieved not only by meeting our clients expectations, but by monitoring global trends and anticipating customer needs
TRUST Conduct our business with the highest standards of professionalism and ethical practices
INGENUITY Committed to positive change and constant improvement
PERFORMANCE Passion for superior performance and a desire to be the best
Dedicated to simplifying business processes for clients and assisting them to achieve goals

Our list of satisfied customer is numerous.

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