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I operate a sales and manufacturing company in Vista , California . Integration Magic has been our sole provider of IT services for the past thirteen years. I am very impressed with their quality of service. I am very grateful that IT services is one of the few areas of my business that I do not have to focus on because it is definitely not my field of expertise.

Lewis H. Mullen, President,
The Drapery Shop Inc.

Below are some of the projects we have worked on. We hope you’ll be inspired by what you see!

HR Benefit Management System for Ease of Tracking and Reporting

A custom software application that tracks and manages benefit programs for all employees. Now, with a click of a mouse, HR managers can locate, add, delete and edit employee information, and deliver meaningful and accurate reports to management.

Global Help Desk Support System for Easy Information Retrieval

A scalable global help desk system giving all support departments easy and rapid access to the information they need.

Daily Operations Report for a Complete, Accurate View of Operations

A Daily Operations Report that draws information from disparate systems into one easy to use interface where specified employees can “grab” the current information they need, when they need it.

Extranet to Bring Distance Workers Together

A secure, scalable extranet that allows employees to manage bidding, work processes, billing, communications and more.

Tool to Audit Data Quality for Enhanced Decision-Making Processes

A tool that audits database data quality and produces statistical reports of the results leads to improved reported and quality information for increased decision-making confidence.

E-commerce Payment Gateways and E-learning Platforms for Seminar Provider

A new payment transaction gateway allows for easy online payment processing, while a new E-services platform allows for E-learning, online registration, membership management, online store and video casts.

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Take a look at just a few of the many governmental projects we’ve been involved with, and see how you can use technology to make your life, and the lives of those you work for and with, easier.

Field Work Order System for Sewer and Water Infrastructure Management

A handheld application using maps and GPS allows 300 city water department crews to enter work orders and track projects from the field; workers can also enter coordinates and find out what lies beneath the site location.

***This project was recognized by the Urban Regional Information Systems Association with the Exemplary Systems in Government award, and was a finalist in the American Government Awards Program.

Wireless Tool Inventory Management System for Municipal Water District

A wireless system with a built-in bar code scanner allows field workers to scan tools or equipment as they are used; allowing management to track inventory and the ability to manage real property development projects in the district’s water and sewer service areas.

Regional Application to Manage Security for Joint Group of LEAs

A regional application which allows management to secure and protect sensitive information from unauthorized access; used by a joint group of law enforcement agencies including the FBI and Department of Justice.

Integrated, Cross-Platform Jail Booking System for Multiple Agencies

A jail booking mug shot warehouse integrated with other systems, such as the FBI data warehouse, the Department of Justice and Department of Motor Vehicle’s databases, allows for enhanced information sharing and easy data maintenance.

Online Application for City Human Resources Department

A custom online application allows for easy job opening maintenance by the City’s HR office while making it easy for the public to view current openings.

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