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Integration Magic was instrumental in the design and development of our proprietary web-based application we provided for the meetings and convention market place. They also participated in the development and launch of a custom application for our client, the University of Pennsylvania Medical School , which offered the opportunity for medical professionals to participate in continuing medical education (CME) credit courses via the internet.

Kim T. Folsom, CEO
SeminarSource, Inc.

Invoice Magic is like a business manager, invoice clerk, and a forensic accountant all rolled into one – and working for you free of charge 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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  • Robust supplier/vendor contract management
  • Comprehensive order guide management click for screenshot
  • Totally automated invoice processing
  • Data storage of detailed purchasing history click for screenshot
  • Streamlined receiving and invoice processing
  • Optimizes profits by immediately reporting vendor overcharges and inconsistencies

Example: If your vendor rep quoted you a discounted rate of $1.55 for bagged frozen french fries, and the vendor company bills you at $1.80… its only 25 cents, right?

Wrong! Let’s assume your restaurant goes through 7 bags a day. Due to their oversight, and your accounting clerk not catching the discrepancy… in a year, for just ONE low-cost product, you were overcharged by $638.75!
Pennies add up FAST!

  • Negotiated contract pricing terms are monitored and variances identified immediately
  • Never worry about human error again! The system is automatic and extremely accurate and monitors your business for you
  • Every single invoice is verified against your vendor pricing contract. You will know immediately if you have been overcharged click for screenshot
  • Powerful enough to track, audit and manage enterprise-wide purchasing history
  • Collects detailed and accurate purchasing information click for screenshot
  • Invoice Magic automates labor intensive accounts auditing (saving you payroll $$)
  • Identifies “Off Program” purchases made by operating units
  • Gives you total peace of mind knowing that you are paying the agreed prices for all goods
  • Sophisticated software developed by industry leaders, offered at low cost by Integration Magic Inc.

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“The ability to have 24 hour automated monitoring and matching of invoices and supplier pricing quotes, without adding labor costs is an extreme benefit of Invoice Magic. It means that our business runs efficiently in a cost effective and highly productive manner at all times. I don't want to find any problems; I just want to sleep soundly knowing that everything is verified, and the restaurants are charged the quoted price for all our inventory and supplies."
CFO, Elephant Restaurant Chain