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"The ability to have 24 hour automated monitoring and matching of invoices and supplier pricing quotes, without adding labor costs is an extreme benefit of Invoice Magic. It means that our business runs efficiently in a cost effective and highly productive manner at all times. I don't want to find any problems; I just want to sleep soundly knowing that everything is verified, and the restaurants are charged the quoted price for all our inventory and supplies."

Paul Potvin, CFO
Elephant Bar Restaurant

Invoice management is an inexact art; labour intensive, time wasting, lost invoices, incorrect paperwork and riddled with human error. Have you ever stopped to consider how much this costs your business each and every year?

Invoice Magic is the only solution for any restaurant – large or small, local mom-n-pop or international chain. With Invoice Magic, your suppliers will send invoices directly to your system. Once received, Invoice Magic goes to work tracking, monitoring and analyzing your vendor supply invoices and comparing them to the contracts on file with each vendor. Every error is detected immediately – every discrepancy is uncovered – generating a swift detection report that leads to quick resolution with the vendor.

Every business owner and every manager in the restaurant industry has dealt with these problems – vendors that have overcharged for products; suppliers that did not deliver the correct quantity but charged for it. Unfortunately, these mistakes often go unnoticed by invoicing clerks, inventory supervisors and accountants. These mistakes are very costly to a business and often the restaurant increases menu prices and downgrades product quality to counteract the higher inventory supply costs. What if you could maintain competitive menu pricing, increase product quality, reduce man hours required to monitor invoicing and inventory AND save money?




The power of Electronic Invoice Integration™(EII) allows vendors and suppliers to invoice restaurants directly; electronically importing the invoices into the restaurant’s back office system. Without question, this is enormous time and money saver as manual paper processing is time consuming and erroneous. Invoice Import increase accuracy by 100%, while the powerful program sorts and files invoices quickly and accurately, in accordance with your wishes. Reports can be generated instantly and produced based on a variety of criteria including by date, product, price or vendor. The system processes the invoices, tracks them and warehouses them in an easily accessed purchasing history.

No more…

  • Paper chases
  • Lost invoices
  • Invoice data entry
  • Errors!


A total software solution would not be complete if only half of the business problems were addressed. Invoice Magic does it all; not just importing invoices but also tracking and analyzing the accuracy of all invoices received with Contract Enforcement.

Finally, a credible and robust software solution that accomplishes the time intensive process of comparing purchases, contract stipulations and zeroing in on errors in pricing. Traditionally, with a manual system, overcharges cost restaurants a lot of money every year but so does the process of finding the errors. Contract Enforcement makes that process seamless and quick; virtually eliminating supplier overcharges.

Intuitively and automatically, when an invoice is received, the software checks it against the vendor agreement or vendor order guide. If discrepancies, overcharges or anomalies are found, they are reported immediately, even before the supplier invoice is paid.

Overcharges are found and resolved before they ever affect your bottom line!


Although the talented developers at Integration Magic developed the Electronic Invoice Integration and Contract Enforcement to work seamlessly together – EII and Contract Enforcement can be used as stand alone products:

  • If you are a small or startup business, streamline your restaurant with Electronic Invoice Integration. You can always add in Contract Enforcement as your business grows.
  • If you are an established restaurant that deals with multiple vendors and leaves the invoicing and cost control to paid staff, you need Electronic Invoice Integration and Contract Enforcement.
  • If your business has an existing invoice importing system in place, Contract Enforcement can work in perfect accord with your existing systems.
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